The Guido K. Group

The Guido K. Group

Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

Going Nowhere - The Guido K. Group

Get this brandnew Rock Guitar Solo tune by The Guido K. Group.

Listen to the YouTube Channel version of that song.

All instruments by The GKG. GK is playing a JD Les Paul Model with simultaneously two amp sounds; a Fender Mustang with British Watts sound and a Roland GR 55 guitar synthesizer with a great Allan Holdsworth guitar sound on a BG Drive amp and several Flanger, Chorus, Reverbs, Delays and Tube's.

These guitar solos are only-one-in-a-time tunes; never played before, never heard before, never played again. Just creations of that special moment, unrehearsed and unrepeatable. Intimate specials of their own. They are not perfect, but they are mine, very personal - bringing out the inside.

Mistakes: a lot, Overdubs: none. Edits: a few. Fun: a lot.

Thanks for listening. Hope, you enjoy it. Stay tuned.