The Guido K. Group

The Guido K. Group

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2018

Got that yellow beast

A fine Yamaha Revstar 320 in The Guido K. Studio. Great guitar. Great sound.

Straight 2 Face

The brandnew Jazz Rock Fusion tune, performed by The Guido K. Group. GK's lead guitar on several virtual Guitar Amps.

Listen to Straight 2 Face

Ten Points Accustic

Ten Points Accustic - A new exercise on minimal structures, performed by The Guido K. Group.

Listen to Ten Points Accustic

No more words

No more words - Guido Kämmerling's last quiet work for piano solo.

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The GKG (again) on "Inca Roads"

Hey, GK is soloing again on "Inca Roads"

Hope, you enjoy it.

The GKG on Inca Roads

The GKG on "Zoot Allures"

Hey, again, The Guido K. Group plays "Zoot Allures"

GK on Zoot Allures